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Quality Overview

Manufacture and fabrication of sophisticated alloys requires comprehensive quality assurance procedures to ensure product integrity at all stages of production.

All materials supplied by us are subject to detailed quality assessment, audit and surveillance by our team of experts, and are manufactured in strict accordance with our Materials Data Sheets, Quality Plans and other approved procedures. In particular, for ZERONŽ 100, the material is melted to our own proprietary chemical composition using confidential melt procedures. Heat treatment furnaces and procedures are approved prior to manufacture to ensure that optimum properties of the steel are maintained. Custom-built heat treatment facilities are used for ZERONŽ 100 castings as well as for our other castings.


Routine spectrographic, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen analyses are carried out to ensure exact material specifications are available prior to casting. All products are certified, as a minimum, in accordance with EN 10204 3.1.B. Independently witnessed testing and certification is carried out when required. Mechanical testing is also carried out on site.

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